Drummond Designs has a growing lead of readers and subscribers to discover our site with thousands of views every week. Is your product or services related to our magazine? Do you think our readers will be interested in your business, product or site? If yes, here are a few options you can purchase to advertise your brand with us.
For specific advertisement campaigns, you can also get in touch with us.

Corporate Sponsors

Drummond Designs is always looking for potential corporate sponsors that will offer services, materials, and equipment for our home renovations, décor, and other design-related projects. We may also consider materials that our writers use personally and highly recommend. We often link our sponsors to social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to promote our business.
Drummond Designs does NOT accept paid text links or written posts from other online sites nor products or services we cannot recommend.


We’ve found that product reviews and giveaways are extremely useful to increasing traffic throughout the course of the giveaway. We ask that any offered products we receive will be used for review as we want to include our honest opinions of the giveaway post. The price for hosting a review or giveaway starts at $200.

All Product Reviews and Giveaways will include:

• Quality product review and photos
• Primary placement on the site – detailed product and business information and direct links to your page
• Shout outs on social media including Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
• Product giveaways should have a retail value cost of over $50. Additional payment will be required for any tutorial post and video.

Rates and Specifications

Drummond Designs offers several methods of advertisement that are designed to fit various businesses in the interior design industry. Your ads will be designed specifically for you with an additional fee. Feel free to contact us for your next product/service promotion.