logoDrummond Designs is an interior design magazine that focuses on all aspects of home renovations and design. Since 1997, we’ve dedicated this magazine to our many readers who are looking for inspiration and ideas to transform their home and innovations.

Drummond Designs features interesting design articles as we use creative ideas to help our readers get inspired for their home improvement and interior design. We included special features of interviews with design experts, before and after photos of renovation, along with basic tips and guidelines.

We incorporate our passion for finding new ways to decorate our space and re-purposing materials. We know how challenging home design can be with a limited budget and the lack of inspiration.

Drummond Designs is about interior decoration, renovation and finding fresh inspiration for design. We look for the latest trends in interior design to how to transform boring materials into something remarkable.

Embark with us on our never-ending journey that is constantly on the move for inspiration in decoration, renovation, DIY, success, failures and everything in between.

Here at Drummond Designs, our mission is to engage our readers with fresh ways to take on interior design. Our obsession with all things décor has led us to redesigning homes. With years and painting and hammerings, we’ve continued to search for the best design tips and tricks in interior transformation and how you can turn your home into a design expert’s dream without breaking the bank.